Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Masked Rider (Sega CD) Review

Who here has played Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution? Not me, I couldn't find a place to keep the custom controllers, and I'm no dancer.

But before we had those huge hits we had games like Masked Rider, a game where you hit the button that's displayed on your TV. Time it right and you score more points, wrong and you'll take a hit. At times you can decided what choices to make (think Deus Ex), though some are automatic deaths which cheap since sometimes they're unclear (As Hiroshi, a child) "Do I fight Doras? Surrender to Doras? or Resist?.

The graphics look like an old VHS tape recoded in SLP mode, however the FPS is acceptable. Oddly, the fighting bars and such are in much better quality.

The controls are thankfully responsive, though often you won't know what buttons coming so if you though platformers used a lot of trial and error, this ain't your game.

The story is... odd, and a bit confusing. The manual tells more then the game cut scenes which are odd if not scary. At one point depending on the choices you've made you'll fight a stop-motion spider lady that can shrink people down to its size, and it unshrinks them if its killed.

I cannot comment on the Japanese acting, however the dub (By Saban of Samurai Pizza Cats fame) is laughable with children that sound like 20 year olds, an inaudible villain, bad sync, and what I guess were original grunts left in.

The music is generally okay, the music during the credits should be an MP3.

The games certainly not bad, just different. But once you've played it through 3 times there is nothing else to see. Though, it does keep score.

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