Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crime Killer (PSX)

This was one I used to rent at Blockbuster, back when it was just $5 a week.
The cover promises for a pretty exciting game, and hey, look at the title!
However the game on the other hand...

Story: Your Dad gets killed in the line of duty as a cop, so instead of being scared of being a cop or something you as a kid become a cop yourself when you're old enough.
Thats about it, this being a driving game anything will do for a story.

Gameplay: Think Ridge Racer but in a sandbox environment, your super Spy Hunter-ish interceptor is equipped with lasers that almost always hit their target, if you're not turning as your Ferrari F40 interceptor\Police bike will turn into corners a bit too far sometimes (and could use new tires). You'll also acquire a pacifier weapon which are basically stun lasers but require continuous fire.

All of those hours listening to Ipods have taken their tole in this future as no matter how many times you activate your siren and lights traffic will not move out of your way, and you have to activate these so your Ferrari gets up to speed (I guess it de-activates some kinda speed limiter).

Don't even try shooting the traffic, they will only shoot back if you kill too many innocents and boy will it hurt. Hitting any traffic vehicle will bring you to a near dead stop so pushing is out of the question too, so is pitting, back-up, roadblocks, and spike-strips.

Music: Its okay, not much to say here.

Graphics: They're nice, but the car models are comparable to a game of Rush Hour (not the arcade game, the hand-held strategy game). Almost every things visible without too much pop-up so they do the job.

Multi-Player: Fun, but it gets old. Just pop in Twisted Metal.

This games worth skipping in all honesty, with games like Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal out there this ones not worth buying.

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